We build end-to-end immersive live stream experiences

This means creating interest before your event, fostering immersive viewing during your stream,
and incorporating rich multimedia content for on-demand video with lasting value.
We make this easy by managing all components of the digital lifecycle.

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Our heritage is in live events

We've been producing live events for top brands for over 30 years (along with BProductions - our sister video production company),
and our approach to streaming reflects this.
There's more to an engaging streaming event than just video.
Viewers today demand a powerful digital experience that embodies the spirit of an event.

With this in mind, we've streamlined our software, technology & procedures over thousands of live events.

Our platform is the most advanced, flexible and efficient in the industry

Features include:

  • Flexible embed codes that can be easily customized for any distribution type, including features specifically designed for international use.
  • State management moves a campaign through its digital lifecycle. A single embed code contains several videos and other components, delivered over time.
  • Global CDN integration with AWS, Akamai, and others.
  • Modular widgets, including engagements with social media, e-commerce, and various other digital outlets.
  • In-house top-shelf transcoding for live streaming and video on demand to support the highest quality video formats available.
  • Fully modular analytics that provide answers, on any level of granularity.

We are client-centric

Our event experience & technology ownership let us develop solutions to achieve our clients' goals, and these often include custom work-- from developing new distribution strategies & building widgets, to analytics that answer very specific questions about the event campaign.

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A sampling of the world's top brands who trust B Live with their most important events:

Let's talk about your event

There's more to your event than just pressing GO on a live video. We can walk you through each step of the process, from venue setup through day-of on-site execution -- with our expert experience and best practices throughout.

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