Our Services

We start with your goals well before your event and can support every step along the way.

From customization, microsite development, value adding widgets, syndication & distribution, on-site encoding for live streaming,
ondemand video, reporting on your results & consulting on what they mean and how to use them to make decisions on your next event.

Streaming Video



Fully Managed Live Stream Event

One embed code for the life of the event, seamless control & transition from pre show, to live, to on demand. No need for code changes from your web team, users don't need to refresh.

Simple Syndication with One-Line Embed Code

Easily distribute your event to partner sites, blogs, Tumblr, Wordpress, media & news sites - anyone! Our embed code works on any website and is fully responsive for mobile & tablet.

Also, embed your event right within a tweet just by posting a URL (Twitter Card approved). We'll track all activity at each of your install spots so you can track the performance of your outreach

International Support For Your Global Audience

Localized time zone & language helps ensure maximum event awareness and global tune-in. Check out more details about our International Smart Slates widget.

Adaptive HD Video for Live & OnDemand. Desktop, tablet & mobile.

We stream adaptive HD video to all devices using respected top-tier global CDNs. Adaptive video ensures that users of varying connection speeds get the best quality video that they can handle.

The video plays in all desktop browsers, tablets and both iOS and Android.

Expert On-site Operation of Your Live Video

We aren't in some office in Palo Alto - we're at your event, sitting next to the video production team, QA-ing your video on all devices, lip synch and color checking with the production team, ensuring solid consistent bandwidth, and handling all the curveballs a live event can throw at us.

After 10 seasons of the insanity of New York Fashion Week - you can rest easy that we're going to make sure your event absolutely goes off without a hitch.

Deep Analytics & Reporting

Analytics to measure your event's performance across embed placements, geo location, time, devices, engagement and more. Use our exclusive Synced Moment Share widget to include valuable data on user preferences and engagement with parts of your video.

Personal Support & Consulting

Committed to making sure your event is a success, from the first meeting through to report delivery. We're putting everything we've got into your event!