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Production Services

Confidently go beyond video to create immersive digital touchpoints that excite and activate.
From multi-cam live events, behind-the-scenes sizzles, runway shows and commercials β€” you’ll appreciate integration that flows from ideation all the way through production and broadcast.Β 

content capture
All Formats: Live & On Demand Television & Digital
Pre-Production, Consulting & Planning
Work with our experienced team of creative and technical directors, and producers and managers who are dedicated to creating sophisticated and high-quality content that bring your ideas to life.
Multi-Camera Live Production
Capture precise and customized viewing angles that best suit your products and audiences with our multi-camera viewing services delivered in 4K.
Remote/Panel Live Production (REMI)
Execute productions seamlessly and affordably from β€œoffsite” with a reduced footprint (physically and financially) using our state-of-the-art IP-based production tools, supporting 4K and HDR.
Event Registration

Live Streaming

Over 30 years + 500 live events. Digital streaming is in our DNA.
But beyond that, we empower audiences to watch, share and buy on multiple channels β€” all at the same time with chat functions, social feeds, shoppable e-commerce, and a whole lot more.

live streaming fashion
HD Adaptive Streaming (Live & VOD)
Our in-house cloud-based transcoding system, using Adaptive Bitrate encoding profiles, ensures each targeted device receives the highest-quality video based on users’ available bandwidth at the time.
Social Media Live Streaming (Live & VOD)
Ensure the largest reach for your streams by delivering simultaneously to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube in parallel or independently of your streaming initiatives. Deliver a vertically orientated stream purpose built for portrait viewing on your phone or tablet with your microsite embed code or syndicated live stream.
APAC Region/China Streaming (Live & VOD)
Leave no market untouched with live streaming distribution and availability to China and other APAC markets through popular platforms like Weibo, Youku, Line, Kakao and Tencentβ€”as well as through a flagship website embed code and syndication embed code for media and partner websites and blogs.
Live to VOD Workflows
Quickly and smoothly move your video from Live to VOD including publishing the video and making it (almost) instantly available to users.
VOD Clipping
Easily and efficiently edit your VOD clips by removing or adding any necessary content to aid with your visual storytelling. Our platform allows you to generate VOD videos right from your live stream, even when the show is still ongoing. Cloud clipping is also useful for quick trimming or editing aiding in the transition from Live to VOD immediately following your event.
Closed Captioning
Maximize viewability across devices and achieve accessibility compliance with content being formatted appropriately for browsers and devices.
24/7 Broadcast Live Linear
Deliver an β€˜always-on’ TV channel experience with your existing VOD library, live streams, and other content sources throughout a playout system that intelligently utilizes content types and length to auto-fill time and other business requirements.
On-Site & Remote Encoding
Let us do the heavy lifting as we sit right next to your video production team at your event; QA-ing your video on all devices; performing lip synch and color checks with the production team; ensuring consistent bandwidth; and more.
Video Analytics & Reporting
We capture and receive all the video analytics and reporting you need including; plays, concurrents, durations viewed on all live and VOD videos, as well as breakdowns by geo location, time, devices, and installation sites.
Global Transmission Solutionsβ€”Satellite & IP
Broadcast your content via fiber, satellite or IP to anywhere in the world. Our team can help you design, source and implement the best transmission plan according to your location and budget to help you achieve your goals. No location or event size will cause us pause. We operate all around the world and are able to draw upon select partners where needed to help execute your vision.

Digital Experiences

Think bespoke, global, orchestrated.
Think beyond.
Create maximum engagement for your audience with experiences where owned digital assets and systems integrate, platforms talk to one another, and the data from each user touchpoint is trackable, capturable, and visible in one easy to follow dashboard. From anywhere on the planet.

Digital experiences
Video Microsites
Convert passive audiences into engaged communities with our video-first viewing experiences where we transform streaming into fan-driven interactive experiences with fun, interactive tools for every user such as chat, polls, voting, and commerce presented front and center.
Event Microsites
Transition your viewers seamlessly through the entire lifecycle of your event; from educating and entertaining pre-event; to large take-over interactive video experiences with chat, poll and voting features; and finally to event recaps with targeted video content that drives viewers to specific parts of the video timeline that are most important.
Digital Ticketing, Private Events, Registration
Define, control, and manage access to your video by gating access to your content via registration, invite-only codes and exclusive tickets.
Monetize your content with authenticated pay-per-view or subscription models with flexible access options and pricing structures.
Live Shoppable Video
Multi-Camera Video Viewing
Choose your own views with precise and customized angles that best suit your products and audiences with our multi-camera viewing services delivered in 4K.
Editorial & Video Syndication
Increase distribution and revenue from your content beyond your β€˜owned and operated’ websites and apps. Our cutting-edge tools allow you to spread your content across other publishing channels, partner applications and commercial partners, and receive consumption-by-users reports.
Multi-Language Support
Reach across the globe and ensure your content is accessible in as many native languages as your content strategy necessitates. Our tools support the presentation of editorial and video metadata in multiple languages including double-byte characters.
Chat & Polls
Drive audience engagement and deepen your understanding of users with interactive functions that transform streaming into fan-driven interactive experiences.
Interactive Lookbooks
Invite fans further into your brand experience with complementary video and photo assets synched to the timecode of your live or VOD programming. Be it video or photo galleries, users can easily zoom, share, and like looks from a fashion show, or memorable moments worthy of social sharing or playback in the future.
Hosting & CDN Services
Simplify and streamline your project on our secure, cloud-based infrastructure for all your digital hosting and delivery needsβ€”including storage and delivery to end-users.
Accelerated Delivery to China
Our global expertise allows you to break through the complexities of Chinese firewalls to reach millions of untapped users. Our long-time partners in the region also help to make sure your content is not slowed down or flagged for censorship.
Leave no asset unturned for monetization with our diverse capabilities across the entire video and display ecosystem. Whether it’s programmatic display ads, custom display solutions, or traditional preRoll video inventory, we’ve got you covered.

OTT / Full Channel Integration

When we say we β€˜go beyond,’ we mean it.

All from one easy-to-manage in-house suite, we offer full Digital TV Channel Management including homegrown OTT platforms, scripted shows, live in-studio weekly shows, full live multi-cam event production and streaming, and more. You dream it. We build it.Β 

Desktop and Laptop devices demonstrating the platform
Conceptualization, Design, & Service Operations
We work by your side to analyze, validate and define your video business goals, then build and orchestrate experiences that make a lasting impact on your audiences.
Subscription (SVOD), Pay-Per-View (PPV), Advertising (AVOD)
Generate and optimize revenue with flexible monetization strategies for your content. Govern access to each of your videos (or collection of videos) with authenticated, pay-per-view or subscription models offering adjustable options and pricing structures.
Application Development: Web, Mobile, ConnectedTVs
Launch and optimize, or migrate your current in-marketing offering to accelerate your time to market plans, and increase your post-launch agility with reduced development and maintenance costs.
Content Management: Library & Publishing Tools
Easily sort, manage, and organize your entire video library with our convenient video CMS toolsβ€”whether it's just a few video clips or thousands of full-length episodes.
Content Distribution: Web, Apps, Feeds
Optimize content distribution with our APIs that provide flexibility and access to important features, functionality and partner integrations for launch and beyond.
Content Development: Scripted Series
Content Channel: 24/7 Broadcast Channel Creation & Management
Deliver an β€˜always-on’ TV channel experience with your existing VOD library, live streams, and other content sources throughout a playout system that intelligently utilizes content types and length to auto-fill time and other business requirements.
PreRoll, Interstitial & Display Advertising Integrations
Leave no asset or screen unturned for monetization with support for programmatic display ads, custom display solutions for commercial partners, traditional preRoll video inventory, and more.

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