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white label video experience

White Label Video Experience

Go beyond video for your big event. We can provide anything that adds extra engagement for your viewers or helps reach your goals for the event. Multi-channel or multi-view video switcher, subscription SMS alerts, social feeds, calls-to-action, email collection, photo galleries, shoppable videos, and more. All experience features are available in the same simple embed code as your video β€” or go with a full microsite.

OTT Managed Services

OTTΒ Managed Services

  • Universal Content Management: single portal for all video content management.
  • Distribution: VOD and Fast Channel creation to feed web, mobile, apps, smart TVs, and set-top boxes.
  • Monetization: Pre, Mid, Server-Side Ad insertion and AI-driven Dynamic Content Matching.
Live Linear

Live Linear / FASTΒ Channel

Deliver an β€˜always-on’ TV channel experience with your existing VOD library, live streams, and other content sources throughout our playout system that intelligently utilizes content types and length to auto-fill time and other business requirements.

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