Balenciaga Spring '23 Collection at the NYSE

A display screen, laptop and cell phone demonstrating different aspects of AKC.TV
Services Provided:
Production Services
On-Site & Remote Encoding
Global Uplink and Transmission Support
Analytics & Reporting
Social Media Streaming
APAC Region/China Streaming (Live & VOD)
Live Streaming & VOD Replay
Live Stream Engineering
Platforms & Channels:
Balenciaga.com, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live, Weibo, TikTok, WeChat


B Live provided production services, technology, and live streaming solutions for Balenciaga's Spring '23 collection show from the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) in NYC.

B Live provided production services for the Balenciaga Spring '23 collection
A desktop computer showing the final client view of the AKC.tv OTT channel with multiple behind the scenes views in lower opacity behind the computer
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