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A display screen, laptop and cell phone demonstrating different aspects of AKC.TV
Dior has brought us on board to manage all of their streaming needs globally since early 2018. So far this has taken us to Paris, Tokyo and Marrakesh with many more exciting locations to come.
Services Provided:
Global Multi-Language Digital Presentation
Instant Cloud-Clipped Replay
APAC Streaming Focused
Accelerated Traffic in China via Alibaba
Weibo, Tencent, Baidu, and more
Global Uplink and Transmission Support
Analytics & Reporting
Live Stream Engineering
Platforms & Channels:
18 different platforms, 7 languages on 4 continents all simultaneously, including Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Twitter Live, YouTube Live, TikTok, Linkedin


In 2018, Dior came to us to handle all their live streaming needs — and with a white glove level of perfection one would only expect from an iconic fashion brand.

Employing best practices across all social channels and a deep understanding the complexities of foreign markets such as China and Morocco, we were able to navigate the technical challenges of providing stable and seamless streaming across the globe, in multiple languages, and with real-time integration.

We deliver analytics after every event in one simple and easy to follow report, updated daily. Since partnering with B LIVE, DIOR has seen hundreds of millions of views through live events streamed to virtually every corner of the globe.

Dior Men's SS2023, live from Paris
Technical operating support for global productions. Sourcing satellite and digital uplink wherever needed and sent back to our NYC master control room for quality assurance and digital distribution. Multiple redundant transmission encoding paths to ensure consistent livestream in case of catastrophic failures
Dior Women’s Fall 2022
A desktop computer showing the final client view of the AKC.tv OTT channel with multiple behind the scenes views in lower opacity behind the computer
Simultaneous live streams to Dior.com and all of Dior’s social channels (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, Line) Live streaming to 3rd Party brands on their own IG and FB accounts. Each show may range between 5 to 10 partners pages.
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