Interactive Look Book

Utilizing the same one-line embed code as your video experience we can also provide an interactive look book.
This gives your users a fast, easy way to explore & share your collection.

On the back end you benefit from reduced load on your web team & deep analytics on user preference for looks.


Collection Exploration

Let your fans dive into their favorite looks and experience the show as video, photo gallery, or both in synch.

  • Allows users to browser, zoom, like & share
  • Looks can be a traditional gallery or synced with the video or both
  • Many UI configurations available, plus customization for your brand tone, colors & type.

Give Your Looks Legs

Our simple one-line embed code means media outlets and sites embedding your live runway show are also embedding your browseable look gallery.

This expands the depth & impact of your existing PR and outreach efforts. Fans can experience the live runway video, on-demand video edits plus dive into the collection looks all from one place.

Easy Install, Easy Workflow

Alleviate stress and complexity for your web team. The look book is automatically included in your simple one-line embed code for your runway video experience.

Our simple workflow tools allow quick upload & synchronization, turning around a full looks experience under an hour after looks delivery - plus no code change or pushes required on your side.

Per-Look Analytics

All user interactions with your looks are tracked & reported back to you. Even interactions on 3rd party installs are tracked, so you can see which publications drive the most engagement with your collection.

  • Plays, views, zooms, likes & social shares all tracked
  • Interactions by social platform
  • Top Looks broken down by country & city

Get Started

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  • Completely White Labeled

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  • HD Video & Stereo Sound

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